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Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher Vacancies

In Birmingham there is a strong focus on developing, retaining and attracting the highest calibre leaders. As a senior leader in one of our schools, the opportunities for developing your career, both personally and professionally are outstanding. Although each school is unique and proud to have its own identity, within Birmingham there is a particularly strong partnership between all of the City's Heads and Deputies. If you join us you’ll become a member of this thriving network with a strong tradition of collaboration between each other and with the Local Authority.

Birmingham City Council and school governors also wish to attract some high quality Headteachers to lead our city's schools.

We want to ensure Birmingham schools offer a diverse and inclusive workforce that is reflective across Birmingham’s communities.

For further details on becoming a Headteacher or teacher visit www.tda.gov.uk

You can access all vacancies at Jobs with Birmingham City Council. The search current vacancies link has an Occupation feature – select Teaching to see all current vacancies.

You can also follow us on twitter for the links to the latest vacancies.

To receive weekly updates of any upcoming vacancies, please e-mail "Interested" to htjobs@birmingham.gov.uk or dhtjobs@birmingham.gov.uk