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Budget 2011-12

Budget and Council Objectives

The Economic Challenge

The government believes that to provide economic stability and growth for the nation, it is essential that the £150 billion annual national additional borrowing must be reduced. Local authorities are being asked to contribute to this national effort and so on average council grants will reduce by 28% in real terms over four years and a large chunk of these savings need to be made in the next year. So that we can meet this challenge Birmingham has to make estimated savings of over £300 million – this means saving £300,000 every working day over four years. As part of the review the government also prioritised spending in some areas such as the NHS and schools. As a result there is now less funding available for other local government services.

Council Tax

Birmingham has the lowest level of council tax of all major cities outside London. In the last five years Birmingham City Council has sought to minimise increases in council tax and we will take advantage of the availability of additional government grant so that the council’s element of council tax in 2011/12 will stay at the same level as in the previous year.

Meeting the Challenge – Priorities and Principles

The Council Business Plan for 2011 has three priorities (see below) and we’ve focused on these when looking at how to meet the financial challenge:

  • A clean, safe city;
  • Protecting vulnerable people;
  • Helping people into work and improving education and skills.

The way we hope to deliver savings is also based on principles set out by council leader Cllr Mike Whitby in 2010:

  • Transforming our efficiency;
  • Preventing problems to avoid big costs later;
  • Reducing dependency and enabling self-sufficiency;
  • Collaborating between service areas and other public agencies;
  • Personalising services, for example, by giving users direct control over money spent on them;
  • Maximising income streams;
  • Levering in funds from the private sector.

Proposed Changes to Services

The Spending Review sets out a change in the role of the government and the state. Individuals and communities are being encouraged to help themselves and each other and we’ve taken this on board by looking at ways that local people can become more self-sufficient.

So our proposals for the redesign of services represent a new way for the city council to support the people of Birmingham.

Key to this is a focus on prevention and early intervention. This means that we want to support people at the first sign of problems so that families can stay together and so that we can keep people out of care and help them to stay in their own homes.

Below are some of the other key proposals across our services:

  • Redesigning the way we deliver, manage and support museums, parks and community and play;
  • Redesigning Fleet and Waste Management Services to drive down waste, increase recycling, reduce landfill tax costs and help to keep the city clean and green;
  • Providing even more opportunities for volunteers to support our community and major events;
  • Remodelling youth services, education welfare services and family support services;
  • Providing services that enable the majority of people to use their own resources and skills to care for themselves;
  • Providing a more joined up service with colleagues working in health;
  • Prioritising developments which help grow Birmingham’s economy and global competitiveness;
  • Creating flexible and multi-disciplinary teams to respond to the needs of developers and investors;
  • Creating council linked companies to generate income;
  • Modernising neighbourhood offices;
  • Where efficiencies and cost effectiveness can be improved we will outsource work to the voluntary and/or private sector.

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Report to Council including the Council Plan and the Budget.

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Budget summary and council tax information sent to domestic council taxpayers.

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Details of the City Council's 2011-12 budget.

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