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Love Food Hate Waste

Every year 5.3 million tonnes of avoidable food and drink waste is thrown away in the UK. This comes to £12.3 billion wasted. For a family with children it equals £680 per year or £50 a month.

There are two ways food is wasted:

"left and unused" - food and drink is thrown away either completely untouched or opened and started, but not finished. This equals 2.9 million tonnes or £6.7 billion of waste. Salad, bread, vegetables and dairy products are the main items wasted this way.

"cook, prepare or serve too much" - food and drink is left untouched on the plate or in the pan as people do not understand their portion sizes. This equals 2.2 million gonnes or £4.8 billion of waste. Pasta and rice are the main items wasted this way.

It is not just the wasted money that is a problem, the amount of food waste put into landfill creates greenhouse gases and is responsible for the equivalent of 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere. By reducing this waste, it would be the equivalent of taking 25% of cars off the road.

Yet 84% of people believe they don't waste food (source: WRAP)

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign aims to help people reduce their food waste just by undertaking a number of simple steps:

  • controlling portion size - making sure you only cook what you need
  • smart shopping - using a list to avoid hasty decisions such as buying BOGOF's you will never use
  • planning your meals - doing a weekly food plan helps you shop better and avoids rushed decisions in an evening
  • using your fridge and your freezer effectively - making sure foods are stored properly and frozen if they aren't going to be eaten
  • knowing your dates - checking 'use by' and 'best before' dates and if you are not going to use the item, freeze it.

For more information about cutting your food waste with great tips and recipes go to www.lovefoodhatewate.com

Chefs Glynn Purnell & David Colcombe cooking for LFHW

Birmingham City Council recently joined forces with reknowned Birmingham chefs Glynn Purnell (Purnell's Restaurant) and David Colcombe (Opus Restaurant) to bring the Love Food Hate Waste campaign messages to the streets of Birmingham. To view the film of the event click here.