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Enablement services

What are enablement services?

In adult social care, enablement means giving people the support they need to enable them to stay as independent as possible, for as long as possible, in their own home.

The type of enablement services and support that someone can get depends on their need. For example, it could be:

  • physiotherapy in hospital after surgery
  • providing a simple piece of equipment or 'assistive technology'
  • learning or relearning skills such as washing, dressing and cooking
  • carers visiting regularly to help the person build their confidence to return home after being in hospital.

The enablement services we provide to people in Birmingham help them to do things for themselves and find out how much support they need.

Enablement services are now being used by social care and health workers in many other local authorities in the UK and in the National Health Service (NHS). There is more information about enablement (also called 're-ablement') on the NHS website. Click here to go to the enablement page on the NHS website.

Who can get enablement services?

Enablement services are for people who are finding it difficult to manage living independently at home and for people who have been in hospital.

How do I get enablement services?

If you are in hospital, a hospital social worker will talk to you about enablement services before you leave hospital.

If you live at home and you are having difficulty managing, we can arrange for a social worker to visit you and assess your needs.

Getting an assessment

You can read more about getting an assessment of your social care needs on our web page 'How to get adult social care services and support'. Click here to go to the 'How to get adult social care services and support' web page.

The assessment will help us to find out if are eligible for services from us. To read more about being eligible (or 'qualifying'), please see our web page 'Are you eligible for our services?' Click here to go to the 'Are you eligible for our services?' web page.

More information and contact details

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NHS web page about enablement (also called 're-ablement') http://www.csed.dh.gov.uk/homeCareReablement/


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