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Budget 2010-2011

The City Council’s 2010-2011 budget is driven by the priorities developed through consultation with people in Birmingham and set out in the Council Plan 2010+. We will be working with partners so that residents can: succeed economically; stay safe in a clean and green city; enjoy a high quality of life; and be healthy and make a contribution. Our long term strategic approach to financial planning is helping to provide ever-better services to create a global city with a local heart.

The City Council approved the 2010/11 budget at its meeting on 23 February 2010. Council Tax for our own services has risen by 1.90% (1.87% when police and fire services are added in). Detailed Council Tax figures may be found on page 63 of the Budget Book attachment below.

Key points of the 2010/11 budget

  • We are responding effectively to the current economic situation to ensure:skilled workers are retained to support a diversifying economy; investment in the city is secured and employment opportunities are created;
  • We will continue to deliver a personalised adult social care service, and invest £8 million so that more people can live independently and enjoy a higher quality of life;
  • The safeguarding, well-being and achievement of children and young people in Birmingham will be maintained and improved;
  • 2010/11 is expected to see major additional investment to improve and maintain the city’s highway network via a new 25 year Private Finance Initiative contract;
  • A new council home building programme will start with the construction of 129 properties in the first phase of the Municipal Housing Trust programme;
  • We will be progressing construction of the new Library of Birmingham and bidding to be the UK City of Culture in 2013;
  • Savings of £69 million have been identified to address key priorities and other calls on council resources.Our 10 year business transformation programme will contribute significantly to achieving the savings.

Budget for Birmingham

To view the Budget Book, Budget for Birmingham leaflet,

Key Facts Card and Budget Report to Council select the attachments below.

PDF icon Budget Book 2010-2011 (Size: 1.96 Mb Type: PDF )

Details of the City Council's 2010-2011 budget.

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PDF icon Key Facts Card 2010-2011 (Size: 847 Kb Type: PDF )

At-a glance guide to the Council's budget and other key statistics

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PDF icon Council Tax Leaflet 2010-2011 (Size: 1.27 Mb Type: PDF )

Budget summary and council tax information sent to domestic council taxpayers.

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PDF icon Council Business Plan 2010+ (Size: 1.53 Mb Type: PDF )

Report to Council including the council Plan and the Budget.

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