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Annual Review

Annual review of SEN statements

All Statements of Special Educational Need should be reviewed at least annually. It is the responsibility of the Local Authority (LA) to ensure that the review takes place.

The Annual Review ensures that everyone involved in a child’s education: parents, the pupil, teachers, other professionals and the LA consider the progress made and whether any amendments to the Statement are needed.

The headteacher at the school must ask for written advice from parents and from any professionals involved in the child’s education or planning for the Individual Education Plan (IEP). On receipt of this information, the headteacher will send copies to all those who should attend a review meeting.

The review meeting should include:

  • parent(s);
  • relevant teacher;
  • representative from the LEA;

    and can include
  • representatives from health and / or social services;
  • any professionals involved.

If the review is taking place in the year before transfer, there should also be a representative from the receiving school.

The review meeting should consider:

  • does the Statement remain appropriate?;
  • are any amendments to the Statement required?;
  • should the LEA continue to maintain the Statement or, if the child’s needs can be met through School Action Plus, should it cease to maintain the Statement?; and
  • are new targets to be set to meet the objectives in the Statement?

Annual Reviews that take place in and after Year 9 require that a Transition Plan be drawn up.