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The Assessment Procedure

Procedure for a statutory assessment

If the local authority agrees to carry out a Statutory Assessment, it must seek evidence related to educational, medical, psychological or other factors that appear relevant to the child’s current and future educational needs.

The views of the child must also be taken into account.

Parents must be informed of the Named Officer who is responsible for arrangements relating to Statutory Assessment.

It is necessary for the local authority to obtain:

  • parental advice;
  • educational advice;
  • medical advice;
  • psychological advice;
  • social services advice; and
  • any other advice that may be desirable.

Having received all of the advice, the local authority must make a decision on whether to make a Statement of special educational needs. This decision must be made within ten weeks.

If it is decided not to make a Statement, parents must be given a Note in Lieu of Statement.

Parents have a right to appeal to a Special Educational Needs Tribunal (SENT) against a decision not to make a Statement.

If a Statement is to be made, a proposed Statement must be sent to parents within two weeks, along with all of the advice obtained.

On receipt, parents can make representations to the LEA about the contents of the proposed Statement, and state a preference for the school that they wish their child to attend. If parents prefer a non-maintained school for their child, the local authority must be informed within 15 days.

A final Statement should be issued within eight weeks of the proposed Statement.

More information about the statutory assessment process is available from the DirectGov web site.