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Assessment Requests

Requests for a statutory assessment

A parent, a school or other educational setting, or an agency such as the Health Authority or Social Services can make requests for a Statutory Assessment.

  • If a school makes the request, the parents must be informed of this request by the local authority and asked to submit any evidence.

  • When a request is made, the local authority must notify the Educational Psychology Service, Social Services and Health Authority to inform them that, if a Statutory Assessment is to be carried out, a request will be made for evidence.

  • The Parent Partnership Service is notified of the request for assessment so that advice and information can be made available to parents.

  • Within six weeks of the request, the local authority must make a decision on whether to carry out a Statutory Assessment.

  • If a decision is made not to carry out the assessment, the parents must be given reasons, in writing, as well as stating the provision that is considered appropriate. The school is also notified.

  • Parents have a right to appeal to a Special Educational Needs Tribunal (SENT) against a decision not to make an assessment.

  • If the local authority agrees to carry out a Statutory Assessment, advice needs to be obtained from a range of education and other service providers.

More information about the statutory assessment process is available from the DirectGov web site.