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About the SEN Parent Partnership

Information for parents, children and young people

From 1st September 2104 some important changes were introduced to help improve services for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities. In particular a new Act of Parliament came into force which means that the Council MUST have specific regard to:

  • The views, wishes and feelings of children and young people and their parents:
  • The importance of children, young people and parents participating fully in decisions
  • The Importance of providing enough information in the best way possible to make sure children, young people and parents are able to participate properly
  • Supporting children and young people to achieve the best possible outcome in terms of their education and future life choices

The new Act also replaced what used to be called ‘Statements of Special Education Needs’ and ‘Learning Disability Assessments’ with a single assessment called an Education, Health Care Plan. This plan sets out all the services a child or young person needs and places a responsibility on the Council to make sure they are provided up to an extended age of 25.

Not all children and young people will need a formal plan if their school is able to make necessary adjustments and provide services to ensure that satisfactory educational progress is being made. All schools must however comply with all legislation in terms of using their best endeavours to achieve the best outcomes possible for all children whether they have a plan or not.

From 1st September 2014 all new requests for assessment are dealt with under the new rules. Children who currently have statements will be transferred across under a transition programme. Young people will continue on their Learning Development Assessment until it finishes unless they ask for a reassessment. Once the LDA ends young people will be considered for a further assessment for an Education, Health Care Plan.

To help people with new assessments and the first year of transfer a new service called Independent Support is being provided.

The role of the Parent Partnership Service has been extended and renamed SEND Information, Advice and Support Service.

This information is designed to provide information to help you to better understand the different services and procedures that may affect you and your child and to provide other information you might find helpful. If you think we have got any information wrong or you think we could improve it in any way, we would welcome your comments to: -

SEND Information, Advice & Support Service
28 Oliver Street
B7 4NX

Tel: 0121 303 5004