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Safer Internet Day 2015

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Safer Internet Day 2015 takes place on 10th February and the theme is ‘Let’s create a better internet together’

Link2ICT are hosting a free event for Birmingham schools in collaboration with Birmingham City Council and the Bullying Reduction Action Group (BRAG). For more information and to book your place please follow the links below:-



Birmingham Anti-bullying Training: Raising standards by reducing the impact and incidence of bullying on vulnerable learners

For school-based staff: 27th January at the Paragon Hotel

The programme will draw on existing and developing effective practice, and on expert advice to understand the distinct vulnerabilities of children with particular SEND, to bullying. It will help schools to explore bullying and victimisation in new meaningful ways. The programme will also be designed to build capability and specialist skills in the teaching workforce and to develop leadership approaches to secure positive whole school culture and processes in relation to anti-bullying.

Full participation in the programme will also yield invaluable evidence to feed into the self-evaluation process, in an Ofsted priority area even for schools rated outstanding, and who wish to demonstrate continuous improvement.

As ever, school improvement aimed at vulnerable learners will also have a profound positive impact across the whole school community

Read more here

Register here https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=UWvGyqQp7SyCBU7Hmy-gfQ

SEN & disability: Developing effective anti-bullying practice

FREE training for any professionals working with children and young people

Monday 9th OR Tuesday 10th February 2015 The Studio, 7 Cannon St, Birmingham, West Midlands B2 5EP

Evidence shows that children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are significantly more likely to be bullied or victimised than those who don’t have any SEND.

As part of a wider programme, the Anti-Bullying Alliance is delivering FREE training to the children's workforce about developing effective practice to prevent and respond appropriately to bullying of children and young people with SEND.

The one day training course, funded by the Department for Education will cover:

  • Bullying and its impact on children and young people
  • Bullying and the law
  • Children and young people with SEND and bullying – what does the evidence tell us?
  • The social model of disability
  • Preventing bullying
  • Effective reporting and recording bullying
  • Models of response & resolution
  • Cyberbullying and SEND

To book your free place please follow the links below:

Monday 9th February: (add hyperlink) https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sen-and-disability-improving-effectiveanti-bullying-practice-in-schools-and-other-settings-free-tickets-14628344773

Tuesday 10th February: (add hyperlink) https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sen-and-disability-improving-effectiveanti-bullying-practice-in-schools-and-other-settings-free-tickets-14628697829

Read more here:

You can also access free online training via the Anti-Bullying Alliance website: (add hyperlink)


Birmingham Anti-bullying week Challenges

Birmingham United - schools communities, everyone
Let’s stop bullying for all in Birmingham!

These challenges were promoted in Birmingham during Anti-bullying Week and we hope that you’ll continue doing them....and setting your own new challenges throughout the year.

1. Make a big banner for your school or youth or community group, including the words “Let’s stop bullying for all in Birmingham” add #stopbullyinginbrum

2. Design a poster including the words .......“Let’s stop bullying for all in Birmingham” and add #stopbullyinginbrum

3. Make a short Video Clip - max one minute long - with the message “Let’s stop bullying for all in Birmingham” and #stopbullyinginbrum. To inspire you, look at the ABA Video Clip: Let’s stop bullying for all

4. Post a photograph of yourself, your class, friends or family with a sign/saying “Let’s stop bullying in Birmingham” and #stopbullyinginBrum

5. Sign the Birmingham Pledge: Let’s Stop Bullying for All. We are proud of Birmingham's great diversity and want our city to be a place where everyone is welcome and can play a positive and active part.
We believe that all children, young people and adults have the right to learn and work in an environment where they feel safe and that is free from harassment and bullying.

We believe that bullying for any reason is unacceptable and we pledge to tackle all types of bullying, including bullying on account of people's race, creed, colour, sexual orientation or special needs and disability.

We will work individually and together in our schools, communities and businesses to reduce bullying of all children and young people in our city and keep them safe online.

and/or download our Birmingham version of the Pledge and get people in your school or group to sign it

and/or create your own pledge for your school/class/group. Get ideas from the lesson plans and resources from Beatbullying.

8. Sign up to the ABA “Let’s stop bullying for all” charter- with 10 principles for tackling bullying for all, including people with special needs and disabilities. Access the charter here.

and/or download our Birmingham version of the Charter, and get people in your school or group to sign it

and/or create your own school/class/group charter. Get ideas from the lesson plans and resources from Beatbullying.

9. Post the Anti-bullying Alliance Definition of Bullying on your website - or via twitter. ABA - What is bullying?.

10. Primary Schools: Read “It’s OK to be Different” by Todd Parr. Think of ways in which it’s “OK to be different”. Design your own page for the book and add your own words “It’s OK to……..” Post your pic on social media.

11. Teachers: Try one (or more!) of the ABA Class Activities in your school. There are powerpoint presentations, lesson plans and other resources here.

12. Adults: Be role models of non-bullying behaviour for your own children and the children in your schools and communities. Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

13. Adults: Challenge nasty and bullying language including homophobic, racist and disablist language. Encourage positive inclusive language. Use of language: special educational needs, disabilities and bullying.

14. Parents, Communities and Businesses - support Birmingham children, schools, youth and community groups in these anti-bullying week activities. With a little adapting, all these challenges can be done as an individual, with family and friends or in your local community or business. Please join us.

15. Everyone. During Anti-bullying Week, we are launching a new Birmingham Besafe website about internet safety, with information for professionals about how to help keep children safe online. There’ll be lots of information about keeping safe from cyber-bullying as well as other forms of internet abuse.

16. Everyone! This year, please use the internet and social media to promote these positive messages across our city “Let’s stop bullying for all in Birmingham” and “In Birmingham, it’s OK to be different”

Cyber-bullying & Internet Safety

Parents from Nechells Pod, together with Birmingham’s Bullying Reduction Action Group (BRAG), have produced two advice leaflets for parents, the first of which was launched at the Nechells Olympics in June 2012

Read their blog post.

A copy of the leaflets can be downloaded below: