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Teacher Vacancies

Did you know?

Birmingham has a young population with 250,000 children under 16, representing around 23% of the city's total population?

In our schools there are 11,000 Full Time Equivalent Teachers.

We want every child in every part of the city to achieve their potential and have the belief, aspiration and support to be their best. The council, schools and other partners will work collaboratively to drive innovation and improvement in order to ensure that every child and young person should go to a good or outstanding school where they have access to the best teaching, benefit from a rich and broad curriculum and prosper in an environment that is safe and promotes their overall well-being.

A Birmingham education is distinctive and we want to build upon that tradition through schools that celebrate and make the most of the diversity and rich cultural heritage of the city as well as continuing to promote an ethos of civic pride and active citizenship with all of our children and young people.

Teaching has been an established graduate career for generations. Teachers use their knowledge, skill and creativity to make learning exciting and relevant for young people. Life as a teacher in Birmingham offers you the opportunities, training, support and rewards to develop your skills and allows you to build a stimulating and successful career.

We want you to be part of our ambitious City school improvement agenda, which will see our schools going from strength to strength. We want the best head teachers and teachers to work in our schools and to be part of our children's future.

The population in Birmingham is growing quickly and schools will be recruiting and investing to provide a 21st century education for young people and to ensure they have the finest opportunities and careers ahead.

Applying for vacancies

Vacancies are advertised in weekly bulletins published on e-briefing during term time. Teacher vacancies are published on a Monday and Support Staff on a Wednesday. You can also find them online at www.birmingham.gov.uk/jobs.

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