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Common Assessment Framework
Want someone to be there for you?

fCAF helps you sort your worries!


Do you have worries you can’t figure out on your own? Then ask an adult who works with you for fCAF. Your worker will listen to your story and use fCAF to help sort it all out .

First, you and your worker will fill out the fCAF form together - making sure you’re happy with your story on the form.

Your worker will then know what your worries are and will get a team of people together to work through them with you.

You will help choose one person from that team to be your Lead Professional. They will stick with you and make sure the team keeps their promises.

The whole process will take a little time but we can only do it with your permission.


There is a leaflet for young people on the Childen's Workforce web site that you may want to read for more information:

Also, why not read the stories below and see how the fCAF has helped others in the city: