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Who can get a direct payment?

Who can get a direct payment?

People who already get social care services from us

Usually people who are already getting care services from us can choose to have a direct payment instead. Ask your social care worker for information about this at your next review.

People new to adult social care services

You will need a social care assessment to find out if we can offer you a direct payment. You can ask us for a social care assessment by contacting the relevant team in Adults and Communities.


If you are a Carer aged 16 years old or over, you may be eligible for a direct payment to help you carry on caring. But you cannot use the money to buy services for the person you care for.

For more information about services for Carers, please go the Support and services for Carers page.

People who cannot receive a direct payment (exclusions)

By law, some people may not be able to receive a direct payment (they are ‘excluded’). For example, if you have a court order against you that is related to drugs or alcohol, you will be excluded. A social care worker can give you advice if you think you may be excluded.

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