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What can I use my direct payment for?

What can I use my direct payment for?

If we have assessed you and you are getting a direct payment, the money we give you is to pay for your assessed needs.

What I can use my direct payment for

You can use your direct payment money to pay for:

  • care and support to help you live in your own home
  • a personal assistant to help you do different activities and
  • a one-off payment for something specific, for example a membership fee, or enrolling on an adult education course.

What I cannot use my direct payment for

Please note that you cannot use a direct payment to pay for:

  • a close relative, partner or anyone else who lives with you to help you
  • long-term care in a care home or housing costs
  • household bills, for example gas or electricity bills
  • services from the council such as occupational-therapy equipment
  • anything that doesn’t meet your assessed needs
  • food and drink, including meals you have delivered to your home
  • health needs, including treatment from the NHS or
  • anything illegal, including gambling.

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