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Make a comment, compliment or complaint online

Please use this process to make complaints about Directorate for People services only. If you are a:

  • Service User
  • Carer
  • Representative acting on behalf of the service user
  • Or, if you feel you have a right to a service from the Directorate for People regarding social care;

your complaint will be dealt with through the statutory complaints process.

If you need to report an issue or concern regarding any of the below please click on take a look at our Do It Online page where you will find a comprehensive list of all our online services. You can report issues such as:-

  • Missed Bin Collections
  • Spilled Refuse
  • Dumped Rubbish
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Anti Social Behaviour
  • Faulty Street Lights
  • Pavement and/or Road Surface Problems
  • Tree problems

If none of the above meets your needs and you wish to make a formal complaint about a non Directorate for People service then please go to our Give us Your Views page (

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Make a comment, compliment or complaint online

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Please fill in all the details, including how you would like us to contact you. If you would like help with filling in the form, you can contact us on 0121 303 5161. Please see the main Comments, compliments and complaints page for more information about our service and how to contact us.

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