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Family and Parenting Support
Information for Practitioners

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These practitioners' pages, whilst predominantly guidance papers surrounding family support in children's centres and the parenting strategy, are applicable for practitioners in a much wider context.

Please select the title of each document you wish to view, print or save. You will link straight to the relevant page in eBriefing, the electronic document store. Each document opens in a new window. Select the Open Document button to open the document.

Alternatively, go to eBriefing and type the document number from the listing below in the search window. The key word for searching eBriefing for this information is: fps: (include the colon).

FPS: Children's Social Care
Information to help Family Support Workers understand some of the issues associated with other practitioners in Children's Social Care.

eBriefing document no: 8248

FPS: Children Living with Substitute Carers
Practice Guidance for Family Support Workers in Children's Centres

eBriefing document no: 8249

FPS: Domestic Abuse: Safeguarding Children
Information to assist with the identification of domestic abuse.

eBriefing document no: 8250

FPS: Emotional Abuse: Safeguarding Children
Information to assist with the early detection of emotional abuse of children.

eBriefing document no: 8251

FPS: Neglect: Safeguarding Children
Information to help in the early detection of neglect.

eBriefing document no: 8252

FPS: Parents with Problem Drugs Abuse
Information about parents who are involved in problem drug and alcohol use and guidance on what the role might be as a family support worker.

eBriefing document no: 8253

FPS: Parents with a Learning Disability
Guidance on how family support workers can support families effectively.

eBriefing document no: 8254

FPS: PSA Reference Manual
Reference Manual for Parent Support Advisers

eBriefing document no: 8255