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Birmingham Anti-Social Behaviour Unit Referral


In June 2003, a specialist central team was set up within the Housing Department in order to tackle antisocial behaviour across the City of Birmingham. This team was expanded in October 2003.

The role of BASBU is to investigate cases of antisocial behaviour in partnership with other council departments and agencies such as West Midlands Police, registered social landlords and other voluntary organisations.

The team aim to address problem behaviour early on through both legal and non-legal remedies, focusing upon prevention strategies wherever possible.

BASBU also provides support and advice to local housing teams and provide training to internal staff and other outside agencies.

BASBU will always advise you to speak to the person(s) you are having a problem with direct in the first instance as long as it is safe to do so.

Many disputes between neighbours could be addressed early on if the victim were to go and speak to the perpetrator and raise the issue with them. Often matters are just down to a "clash of lifestyles" and the perpetrator(s) may not even realise that they are causing a nuisance.

If you are being subjected to persistent antisocial behaviour, you can report the matter on (0121) 303 1111.

You will be given advice and / or put in touch with the relevant department / agency who can assist you.

If you are a council tenant we can put you in touch with your local housing team or make a referral on your behalf; and if you are the tenant of a registered social landlord we can provide you with the relevant contact details for them.

Depending upon the individual circumstances of a case, your complaint may be referred to BASBU, or another council department (e.g. Environmental or Transportation) to investigate.

In an emergency you should always ring 999 and report the matter to the Police.

Essential Information
  • Harassment is an activity whereby someone behaves deliberately to cause a person or a group of people (such as family) to suffer distress. Harassment is a criminal offence and usually involves a form of criminal behaviour such as threatening a person.

    Nuisance on the other hand is usually deemed to be less serious, however it still causes a person to feel upset. Nuisance is behaviour or an action which disrupts a persons quality of life. This can sometimes involve criminal behaviour, but many cases involving neighbour disputes are simply down to a clash of lifestyles. Forms of nuisance include verbal abuse, damage, written abuse, noisy neighbours etc.

    Although no two cases are the same, where appropriate parties are encouraged to consider the mediation service as a tool to help resolve their differences and improve their quality of life.