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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Payment of Creditors

The Council is continually looking to improve its services and make best use of technology. The Government is also encouraging all Council's to improve accessibility, quality and cost effectiveness by delivering services electronically. Birmingham City Council has a number of projects to achieve these aims and a number of them will improve the way you and the Council do business. They include:

  • Payment of the Council's Creditors by BACS Direct Credit
  • Electronic remittance advices for BACS Direct Credit payments
  • Processes to improve performance times for payment of invoices

BACS Direct Credit

Perhaps you are already receiving payment from other suppliers by Direct Credit, or pay some of your own suppliers this way, in which case you will already be aware of the benefits. However, if you need further reassurance, these are the major benefits:

  • Payments arrive in your account as cleared funds, this means the money can earn interest straight away and you do not have to wait for the cheque to clear
  • There is less time spent handling and banking cheques, which means more time attending to your daily business and consequently less cost
  • Cheques can be mislaid or delayed, whereas a Direct Credit payment goes straight to your account
  • Bank charges for a Direct Credit are often substantially lower than for a cheque

N.B. You still receive a remittance advice providing details of the payment being credited to your bank account, and you can receive it electronically

If you would like to register for payment of your invoices by BACS Direct Credit,please contact our Vendor Data Team on 0121 675 8998 or email them atvendordata@birmingham.gov.uk

Electronic Remittance Advices

It is now possible to issue an electronic remittance at the time of making payment to you electronically. The remittance will be issued by email to any address you provide.

When you register with us for BACS Direct Credit you will be asked to provide an email address. Where none is supplied, a paper remittance will be posted by second class mail.

If you are already receiving payment by BACS Direct Credit, but are not receiving your remittance electronically, please contact Exchequer Services on Tel: 0121 675 8998 or e-mail vendordata@birmingham.gov.uk with your email address and we will arrange for you to receive an electronic remittance with future payments.

Processes to improve performance times for payment of invoices

  • Orders for goods and services should only be accepted from Council Officers who use an Official Order - please request an order number every time
  • Please quote the Official Order number on your invoices
  • If your invoices relate to a contract and you do not therefore have an official order, please quote the contact person here at the Council on the invoice
  • Please address your invoices correctly. The purchase order will show a delivery address relating to a department or Council building, however, invoices should always be sent to Accounts Payable, PO Box 10861, Birmingham, B4 7WR
  • You should have been provided with a cost centre against which your goods or services are to be changed. Make sure you quote this on your invoice, it is vital to ensure prompt payment

Your assistance in this will help us to be more efficient and pay your invoices on time.