Birmingham City Council

Dumped Rubbish and Fly-Tipping


Dumped rubbish is not only unsightly it is also illegal and can lead to a fine of up to £2,500. We investigate rubbish that has been dumped and may serve a legal notice to landowners to clear rubbish that attracts or harbours vermin. You can make a report online by using the button above.

We will collect:

  • Dumped rubbish from the public highway or pavement – within two working days
  • Dumped rubbish from recycling sites – within one working day
  • Bag(s) of unsuitable green waste left along the highway, contaminated with things like stones or rubble – within five working days

If you feel the rubbish is a health hazard, for example, if it’s attracting vermin or smelling badly report it to our Public Health team.

For hazardous or toxic waste such as asbestos or paint, see the Hazardous Waste page.

If you want to report rubbish dumped in any of the places below, please contact the relevant place.

Essential Information
  • Fly-tipping is illegal, bad for the environment and often a health hazard. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) estimates that clearing fly-tipped rubbish from the streets costs local councils £4 million a month.

    According to DEFRA, household waste (including leftover DIY material and abandoned electrical goods such as fridges) account for half of all fly-tipped rubbish in England.

    As well as uninformed householders, organised criminal gangs carry out fly-tipping, operating illegal waste disposal services for money.