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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Customer Feedback

Our Consultation and Communication Strategy outlines what we do to engage with our customers on a regular basis, both with our day to day services and specific planned surveys on various parts of our service.

This ensures we know our customers’ expectations so that we deliver our services accordingly.

Although we have a ‘Duty to Inform, Consult and Involve’ customers in a formal way, we know the value of consultation and see it as an opportunity rather than simply a duty. It is our way of embedding a culture of engagement and empowerment, and involve local communities in shaping our city.

Customer feedback comes to us in many different ways; from our User Forums, Contact Centre, service complaints, mystery shoppers and formal satisfaction surveys.
All these channels of feedback are analysed to identify any 'quick fixes' we can put in place or any trends that may need more detailed work.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

In addition to consulting over ¼ million people a year directly about planning applications and planning policies, we carry out various customer satisfaction surveys about different aspects of our service to understand any areas for improvement.

Find out more about our ongoing satisfaction surveys below.

Other consultations currently being carried out by the Council generally, can be viewed on the Beheard Database.

Find out how we turned your comments, complaints and compliments into service improvements.

Customer Service Excellence Accreditation

Our Planning & Regeneration service has successfully retained the national Customer Service Excellence Award for the last 8 years. For the first time in 2012 and subsequently we have achieved full compliance with all the assessment criteria and became one of a small elite group of organisations to have achieved this.

We have made notable progress, despite challenging circumstances, particularly around the leadership of customer service. The service has been praised by the assessment board for the wide scope of project work involving our customers, the quality of information produced for our customers and the empowerment of staff with regards to customer service excellence which have all contributed to the award of the higher compliance certificate.

A summary of the assessment report is below

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Last Updated : 13th January 2016