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Birmingham Census 2011 Initial Findings

Birmingham’s population has been estimated at 1,073,000 by the Office of National Statistics and is the largest local authority by population in the whole of England and Wales.

Thank you to all of you that completed your Census questionnaire, you have helped secure the future funding of Birmingham.

Census Background

The Census is carried out by ONS and is the most reliable source of data about the population. The data generated by the Census is also critical in enhancing our understanding of the local population. Birmingham City Council is planning to make effective use of Census information in the planning and provision of local services based on customer needs.

Key Findings for Birmingham

The first results from the 2011 Census estimate the population of Birmingham at 1,073,000. An estimated increase of 96,000 (9.8%) people compared to the Census estimate of 2001.

Birmingham is growing at a faster rate than England & Wales (7%), West Midlands Region (6.3%) and the West Midlands Metropolitan area (7.1%).

The household estimate for Birmingham is 410,700. The average household size for Birmingham is 2.6, this is slightly higher than the West Midlands Region and England and Wales average of 2.4.

The results confirm that Birmingham is an increasingly young population. The Census recorded 404,200 young people under the age of 25 in Birmingham. This is 37.7% of Birmingham overall population.

Compared to the 2001 Census the most noticeable growth is seen amongst the number of young adults in their twenties (26%) and people in their late forties (24%). The number of preschool children is also significantly higher than in 2001. Although the City has seen a fall in the number of people aged 65 and over, the number of people age 90 and over has increased by 18.5%, with very elderly men showing an increase of 54.5%.

At this stage the results provide population figures for England and Wales by age & sex, single year and 5 year age bands. See attached report for detailed findings.

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