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Cycling - 'Be Safe Be Seen'

Every cyclist knows it is important for them to be seen whilst riding, but a lot of cyclists forget to wear something bright.

Your Bicycle

  • Ensure you have two lights on your bike, a red one on the back and a white one on the front.
  • Reflectors are important so make sure they are fitted to the back of your bike, your pedals and spokes for extra visibility, especially when cycling in the dark


  • Wear something fluorescent to be seen during the day and reflective clothing to be seen at night.
  • You could wear a strip that goes around your middle and over your shoulder that is both reflective and fluorescent you can buy these at cycling shops.
  • Have reflectors stuck to your cycle helmet.
  • Stick reflective material on rucksacks or panniers.

Always wear a well-fitting helmet.

More accidents occur during the winter months than any other time of year. This is due to people not being seen. If you are a cyclist or your children are cyclists ‘Be safe Be Seen!

For more information on safer cycling visit www.thinkroadsafety.gov.uk

For further information contact the Road Safety Education Team on 0121 303 7683.