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What are Business Rates

What are Business Rates?

Non-domestic rates, or business rates, collected by local authorities are a way in which those who occupy or own non-domestic property contribute towards the cost and running of local services.


The amount of rates you pay is based on the rateable value of each premises multiplied by the national rate in the pound. More detailed information can be found on the Calculation of Business Rates page.

There are a number of discounts or exemptions that could be applied in certain circumstances. For more detailed information please visit the When can they be reduced page 

Further information regarding rateable values can be obtained via the VOA website

Who Pays?

The person, company or organisation occupying the property is liable for paying business rates. Sometimes a landlord may charge an occupier a rent inclusive of rates. Even in these cases, the occupier is still the person liable for payment and the bill is sent in their name. Usually, the occupier passes the bill to the landlord who makes payment on the occupier's behalf.

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BIDS (Business Improvements Districts)

A BID is a public-private partnership in which businesses within a defined area of the City pay an additional levy to fund improvements in that area, e.g. improving security or cleaning.

If your premises fall within a BID area, you will be liable to pay a BID levy on top of your business rates bill. If you wish to check this please call the Business Rates office on 0121 303 5511/0121 303 5510/0121 303 5509 or email business_rates@birmingham.gov.uk