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Safeguarding: How does it all work together?

The Local Safeguarding Children Board has an independent voice representing all partner agencies but links to the Children and Young People's Board, and reports to the Director of The Children Trust Arrangements.

The Local Safeguarding Children Board will continue to be supported by a range of sub groups that have representatives from all partner agencies.

The Sub Groups are:

  • The Child Death Review Panel (replacing the Serious Cases Sub Committee) consists of expert members from a range of services to undertake individual reviews and produce recommendations for policies and improved practice.
  • The Training Steering group identifies and arranges appropriate training to ensure core safeguarding training is available to all partners and has a task of disseminating lessons learned from Child Death Reviews as widely as possible.
  • The Quality Assurance and Audit sub-committee is responsible for monitoring of implementation of recommendations from Child Death Reviews and overall performance in relation to safeguarding priorities and targets as set by the LSCB business plan.
  • The Policy and Procedure sub-committee continues to publish new guidance and review relevant policy guidance to all staff that have a responsibility for safeguarding children and young people.
  • A core group continues to meet as a specialist preventative group to focus on safeguarding young people who are sexually exploited.

Safeguarding Area Groups
Reporting to Board are three area-based groups: one in the heart of Birmingham, one in the south of the city and one in the north and east. These are important committees reaching out to local communities and other local networks.

Each area group has representatives at management level from the local services. It is responsible for implementing practice, policy and procedure; provide analysis for quality assurance and audit purposes, and allocates resources to safeguard children and young people as gaps in services are identified. The area group engages with local services, both voluntary and statutory, to ensure effective dissemination of training, promote safeguarding and the wellbeing of children and young people.