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Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service (IMCA)

This page tells you about how: The Mental Capacity Act 2005 introduced several new roles, bodies and powers to support the provisions of the Act.

One of the new roles is the Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service(IMCA) and the role of the Independent Mental Capacity Advocate.

The purpose of the IMCA Service is to help vulnerable people who lack capacity to make important decisions
and who have no family or friends who are appropriate to help with those decisions. An Independent Mental Capacity Advocate will be appointed to help such a person who has to make a decision about:

  • serious medical treatment;
  • changes of accommodation.

In Birmingham, Advocacy Matters administers the IMCA Service on our behalf. You can call them on 0121 354 6136 or email them at: info@advocacymatters.co.uk

The Act has been extended though Regulations to cover two other situations where an IMCA Advocate can be appointed:

  • where an allegation of abuse has been made;
  • in care reviews.

The Independent Mental Capacity Advocate will work with and support people in this situation and represent their views to those professionals who are working to determine their best interests.

The office of the Public Guardian has a library of Mental Capacity Act booklets.

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