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Kings Norton Three Estates New Deal for Communities (NDC) Programme 2000-2010

Kings Norton 3 Estates Community Development Trust was an organisation set up to deliver a programme of improvements centred on the area known as the Kings Norton 3 Estates, and included Hawkesley, Pool Farm and Primrose estates.

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The Programme was one of 39 Government funded NDC programmes in England. This innovative initiative provided long-term grant funding to enable local partnerships to deliver outcomes designed to make a real difference in their neighbourhoods. The Kings Norton NDC programme operated from 2000 until 2010 and received grant funding of £50m.

This money kick-started the regeneration of the 3 Estates making improvements to housing, health, unemployment, education, community safety and the physical environment.

The Programme delivered many improvements over the ten year period, but perhaps more importantly it created a framework for greater improvement in the future.

The Kings Norton Planning Framework shows how we are aiming to continue this work.

What was Achieved

  • Unemployed was reduced by 3% in the 10 year period, despite the impact of the closure of Longbridge.
  • 84% of pupils in Kings Norton achieved level 4+ in 2008 - compared to 59% in 2000
  • 67% of pupils achieved five or more GCSEs at Grades A* - C - compared to just 25% in 2000. These improvements mean that pupils’ achievements on the 3 Estates are now above the Birmingham average
  • Crime was reduced from 52.9 incidents per 1,000 population in 2001, to 25.21 in 2009
  • The fear of crime was reduced - from 36% of residents reporting that they feel safe in the area after dark in 2002, to 44% in 2008
  • The quality and maintenance of parks and open spaces was significantly improved - many more neighbourhoods also received Grade ‘A’ award for the absence of litter and detritus.

Putting Kings Norton on the Map

In addition to these achievements, the NDC Programme put Kings Norton “on the map” in terms of future regeneration activity:

  • Kings Norton is a ‘priority neighbourhood’ in Birmingham, with partners committed to finding new ways to improved services like public transport
  • The NDC’s work with the City Council and other partners to develop the long term plan for the area, means that Kings Norton is a priority growth area in the city
  • The long-term benefits of this, in terms of job opportunities, better estate design and management, more retail and healthy eating options, should continue to be felt by local residents for many years to come

The Kings Norton NDC programme came to the end in March 2010, but the legacy of achievement and the involvement of the local people with local development and regeneration will carry on.

Programme Review

At the end of the programme a review of NDC activities was carried out. The review considered the development and delivery of the Programme and explored the factors that contributed to its success. It also identified the issues and lessons learnt to help inform future regeneration activity. A copy of the review and final year report is below.

Taking Things Forward

'Our Place Kings Norton' is a community organisation specifically set up to support the continued regeneration of the area. For news, updates, advice and guidance on the 3 Estates see the leaflet below.

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