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Excellence in Information Management Programme

Business Transformation

Excellence in Information Management (EIM) will transform the way Birmingham City Council stores, shares and manages its wealth of information. This will enable the Council to use its information more effectively to deliver improved services to Birmingham’s citizens.

Main aims

  • To achieve excellence in information management across the Council and recognition for this achievement within the Public Sector
  • To develop the required framework and tools to enable information
    management within a secure and compliant service environment
  • To implement information management best practice and training and help improve the delivery of services to citizens across all Directorates and
  • To provide support to all other transformation programmes where
    information management expertise and guidance are required

Key outcomes

Working alongside the Council’s management and staff, the EIM team has developed an integrated programme, with a series of projects to transform its
information management.

Key outcomes will be:

  • Corporate information management capability within a new framework and under a new governance structure
  • Physical and electronic document management solutions
  • New career opportunities for information management specialists
  • “Quick win” projects that fast-track the Council’s existing initiatives concerning addressing and mapping information
  • Enhanced knowledge management, research, planning and reporting
    capabilities as a result of improved information management practices
    and understanding

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