Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

The Benefits of a School Meal

In Birmingham over 75,000 school meals are served each day.

We consider that ethical, sustainable food sourcing, the provenance of our products and passionate people contribute to the success of our service.

Did you know that the Birmingham School Meals Service:

  • involves the pupils in the tasting and development of new dishes;
  • attend school council groups to discuss the catering service with the pupils;
  • train our dedicated catering teams to provide dishes cooked from fresh and raw ingredients wherever possible;
  • use recipes and menus that are nutritionally analysed by a qualified dietician;
  • include seasonal produce on our menus;
  • that our fresh meat is Red Tractor accredited
  • use locally sourced meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy products wherever possible;
  • use a selection of fish from sustainable sources
  • has been awarded the Good Egg awarded for using free range eggs;
  • use Fairtrade products wherever possible; and
  • works to reduce our carbon footprint and purchase recyclable materials wherever possible.