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Governor Training

School governors play a vital role in the education system and have important powers and duties that involve:

• providing a strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school;

• ensuring robust accountability;

• ensuring financial probity.

School and Governor Support provides comprehensive governor training and coaching service for school governors in Birmingham that covers all aspects of their role and responsibilities. This service is delivered through a full programme of specialist course subjects including basic induction, specific governor roles, managing school finances and the safeguarding of children.

The current governor training programme can be accessed below:

Enquiries and bookings that relate to whole Governing Body training can be made by telephone 0121 464 2215 or via email governors@birmingham.gov.uk

We recommend that induction training for new governors should be treated as a priority by the Governing Body and new that new governors should be strongly encouraged to attend an induction course as soon as possible.

To help governing bodies review their training needs, 'The Effective Governing Body - An Audit Tool', published annually is available to schools that subscribe to School & Governor Support. This, along with the governing body work-planner, forms a framework for assessing procedures and policies necessary to ensure effective governance.

Most governing bodies have a Link Governor who directs individual governors to the training and support available and who keeps track of the training offered by the Local Authority.
If you are a member of a governing body without a link governor nominate someone to play this vital role now or you may miss out on updates and training opportunities.