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Criminal Records Bureau

Processing disclosure applications
The Schools Plus Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Team is responsible for processing disclosure applications for over 450 Birmingham schools, nurseries and youth services. In addition, the team processes disclosures for an increasing number of external agencies, acting as an Umbrella Body.

The Criminal Records Bureau was conceived under Part V of the Police Act of 1997, largely in response to public concern about the safety of children and vulnerable adults.

It is a legal requirement that thorough checks are made on any one who will be working in a school or further education institution. The CRB aims to help employers and voluntary organisations make safer recruitment decisions by identifying candidates who may be unsuitable for certain work involving children or vulnerable adults by applying for a disclosure. A disclosure is a document containing information held by the Police and Government departments.

Completing your disclosure form
It is essential that forms are completed as fully and accurately as possible to avoid lengthy delays. If you require guidance to fill in your disclosure form, please contact the CRB team on the contact numbers below. Alternatively, visit the CRB web site Disclosure Information Pack page for a step by step guide.

Note to schools
Please attempt to reduce the number of purple disclosure guidance booklets thrown away once the applicant has completed the form by requesting that the guidance notes are returned to school or by suggesting that the applicant downloads a copy from the CRB web site Disclosure Information Pack page. Not only will this save our purple trees but it will also help to reduce the cost of Disclosures.

Does your organisation require disclosure checks?
If your organistion is a registered company or charity and you require CRB checks for employees that are working with children or young people in Birmingham we may be able to manage the checking process for you.

For further information of if you have any queries relating to CRB disclosure checks please contact the team on 0121 464 2145 / 303 4974 or send an email to: crb@birmingham.gov.uk.