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Determined Schools' Coordinated Admission Arrangements for September 2014

Birmingham City Council facilitated the 2014/2015 admission arrangements consultation for all Birmingham maintained schools. These arrangements have now been determined and are displayed below.

Objections to the arrangements must be made to the Schools Adjudicator by 30 June 2013. For further information please visit www.education.gov.uk/schoolsadjudicator

The links to the documents below will take you to the Children's Services electronic document store: eBriefing. Select any link and the document window will open. Scroll down and select the red Open Document button to open the document. You can save each document to your own PC for reading or printing.

Alternatively, go to eBriefing and type the document number from the listing below in the search window. The key word for searching eBriefing for this information is: admissions


2014 Primary School Admissions - Non Community Schools:
Part one of two: Abbey Catholic to St Dunstan's
eBriefing document no: 9603

2014 Primary School Admissions - Non Community Schools:
Part two of two: St Edmund's to Warren Farm Primary
eBriefing document no: 9604


2014 Secondary School Admissions - Non Community Schools:
eBriefing document no: 9602

2014 14-19 Academy Admission Arrangements:
eBriefing document no: 9608

Scheme for Coordinated Admissions: Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools

2014 Scheme for Coordinated Admissions:
eBriefing document no: 9631

2014 Primary Voluntary Controlled Schools' Denominational Criteria:
eBriefing document no: 9607

All Birmingham Maintained Schools' Admission Numbers

2014 Admission Numbers:
eBriefing document no: 9606