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Free School Meals - Other Entitlement

There are a further two changes affecting eligibility to receive Free School Meals from 6 April 2003:

Nursery Age Children
Nursery children, who would otherwise be eligible to receive a free meal, must be receiving education both before and after the lunch period. However, children in nursery education who were eligible to receive a free meal at 6 April 2003 will have their entitlement protected until either:
  • They leave nursery education
  • Their parent stops being entitled to one of the support payments.

It should be noted that section 201 (1)(c) of the Education Act 2002, which extends free school meal entitlement to nursery age children who receive Local Authority funded education in settings outside of the maintained sector, will not be brought into force until a later date.

Request For A Free School Meal
The duty to provide a free meal to an otherwise eligible child will be conditional upon a request being made by, or on behalf of, the eligible child. (See section 4 in the Neighbourhood Advice & Benefits 'Guidance Notes for Schools' regarding the making of a claim).