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Case Studies: The T-Mobile Birmingham Eurofest


T-Mobile was looking for opportunities to maximise its sponsorship of the 2004 European Football Championships.

Its key aims were to generate high level awareness of the T-Mobile brand in the city of Birmingham and the West Midlands Region and promote its sponsorship of Euro 2004.

Birmingham City Council was planning an event to celebrate the European Football Championships to include live screenings of every match in Centenery Square and an associated entertainments programme.

T-Mobile saw this event as an opportunity for them to become involved with the event to complement its overall sponsorship of the tournament and enhance the brand profile in the West Midlands.


T-Mobile had already purchased prominent commercial advertising sites in the city and to maximise their impact, Birmingham City Council set about turning the city into T-Mobile's brand colour magenta. Hundreds of lamppost penants flew througout the city centre, bridge banners on main routes in and out of the city promoted the T-Mobile EuroFest and a mixture of rigid scrolls, bunting, sheetand 90 x 40 posters and tree wraps ensured that everybody knew T-Mobile was in town!

In Centenery Square itself, the venue for the screenings and entertainment, T-Mobile logo appeared on the big screens, staging, barrier covers, column wraps, planter boards and flags.

The events surrounding the big screen in Centenery Square included funfair rides, musical performances and dancing and a range of other celebrations including the Lord Mayor show. These drew a non football related audience to the square of 200,000 people during EuroFest. In total, one million people passed through Centenery Square during the event.

T-Mobile had a stand from which they distributed 10,000 flags and demonstrated handsets and services to potential customers. Leafleters visited nearby busy shopping areas before matches to publicise the live screenings.


The event, and T-Mobile sponsorship generated high profile exposure in the local written press and broadcast media. EuroFest media partners, the Evening Mail and BRMB were very supportive, promoting the live screenings. BBC in the Midlands and ITV Central had several news bulletins based around Euro 2004 screenings where the T-Mobile branded screen was used as the backdrop. Other media included a sponsored feature in the Council's newspaper delivered to 430,000 homes and a dedicated event page on the council website which received 1.5 million page views during the event. The city branding gave 343,500 opportunities to see the T-Mobile logo per day.


T-Mobile felt that it 'owned' Birmingham for the duration of Euro 2004. There was a great atmosphere especially at the live screenings. The objective of engaging with the West Midlands football audience was met and the quality of branding had a positive impact on brand tracking in the region.