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Attwood Green

Attwood Green is the new name given to the Central Area Estates. It includes the areas of Lee Bank (Five Ways Estate and Cleveland and Clydesdale Towers), Benmore, and Woodview.

A grant of 9.8 million from the Government's Estate Renewal Challenge Fund (ERCF) has enabled the project. It will also generate additional funding from the private sector and other sources. The total investment in the area over the next 7-8 years is likely to be in excess of 00 million.

The developments involves the transfer of council properties to a new organisation called the Optima Community Association. Proposals are being implemented through a partnership involving Birmingham City Council, Optima Community Association, Mercian Housing Association and Crest Nicholson house builders. The aim is to create a sustainable environment which reduces the reliance on the use of private cars. Proposals include:

  • At least 900 new homes, with a range of types. About 250 will be social housing to cater for tenants wishing to rent homes in the area.
  • Opportunities for new mixed use developments along major street frontages - to include commercial, retail, restaurant, community and residential uses.
  • New shopping facilities - to include neighbourhood supermarkets and smaller convenience stores.
  • Environmental improvements including two new parks to serve the leisure and sports needs of the community.
  • Traffic management measures will be put in place in a variety of locations throughout the area.
  • Surface-level pedestrian crossings along Bristol Street, Bristol Road, and Lee Bank Middleway and improved links for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Enhanced lighting and other community safety measures.
  • A possible new community focal point to include new training/educational/child care facilities and a Healthy Living Centre to cater for the community's health needs.

Phase 1 of the project, now renamed 'Park Central', will be carried out by Crest Nicholson. This will involve the comprehensive re-development of the former Lee Bank estate. Outline Planning permission was approved in January 2002 and construction work is underway.

For more information contact:
Crest Nicholson PLC
Crest House
39 Thames Street
KT13 8JU
Tel: 01932 847272
Fax: 01932 829141

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