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High Hedges - Mediation

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If you would like some help approaching your neighbour about their High Hedge the following leaflet and contact details may be of use.

Advice and Guidance on High Hedge Mediation

Over the Garden Hedge Advice Leaflet
A leaflet produced by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to provide advice on how to settle your hedge differences without involving the local authority. This process must be attempted before a complaint can be made to your local authority.

A copy of the Over the Garden Hedge Advice Leaflet is available below

National Mediation Helpline
The National Mediation Helpline is a national organisation which aims to provide a simple, low cost method of resolving a wide range of disputes.

Tel: 0845 6030 809

Campaign for Effective Legislative Control of Problem Hedges of all species, in residential areas of the UK advice and information for Hedge-Victims, drawing on the experience of thousands of members.

Tel: 08702 400 627


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