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Living in a Listed Building

Most owners and occupiers are proud of their building's listed status. Very often the reason they have chosen the building is because of its unique character and history. If you own a listed building it is your responsibility to ensure that any repairs, maintenance or alterations are in keeping with the design and age of the building.

If a Listed Building does fall into disrepair, the City Council has powers to carry out repairs and recover costs from the owner. We can, if necessary, purchase the property to protect it. However, we always try to work with owners, giving them the advice and information they need to take proper care of their building.

Listing does not mean you cannot make changes, but you should take care to match original materials and construction methods and avoid damaging features of historic or architectural value. It is a criminal offence to undertake changes or alterations to a Listed Building with out consent and you should always check if permission is required before starting any work.

Please contact us and we will advise you on appropriate methods and materials to be used in repairing and maintaining your property

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Last Updated : 6th November 2013