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The Search Fee

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Standard search fee: £100.00

Covers search enquiries submitted on LLC1 and CON29 forms for one unit of property or parcel of land. The fee for more than one property or parcel of land is £20.00 for each additional parcel.

Optional enquiries fee: £10.00 for each question

The CON29O form includes optional enquiries, for example the location of pipelines and public footpaths, and parking restrictions. Optional Enquiries may be submitted with your standard search enquiry or separately.

Search the Land Charges register only: £22

Search the Register of Common Land and Town and Village Greens: £10.00

This enquiry is now Optional Enquiry 22 on the CON29O form, but can be submitted on its own.

Please note there is no VAT on Searches.

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Last Updated : 7th May 2015