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Listed buildings: Getting Permission

You should always check whether you need permission well in advance of starting any work.

You will need Listed Building Consent for any work that will affect the character of your building.

This includes work to the inside as well as the outside of the building and may include even relatively minor alterations or redecoration (for example if you want to paint the outside walls and they have not previously been painted).

You will generally need Listed Building Consent for:

  • Any demolition including chimneys, internal walls, and buildings or walls within the grounds
  • Any alteration or extension to the building
  • Alterations such as a new roof, replacement windows, new gutters and drainpipes etc.

You should also check whether you need any other permissions before starting work.

The Law

It is a criminal offence to carry out work without permission and the Council can prosecute if work is carried out illegally. The maximum sentence on conviction in the Magistrates Court is imprisonment for up to 6 months, a fine of up to 20,000 or both. If convicted in the Crown Court the maximum sentence is 2 years imprisonment or an unlimited fine. In determining the amount of any fine, the Court will take into account any financial gain by the offender as a result of the offence.

As well as prosecuting an owner for carrying out works without permission, the Council can issue an Enforcement Notice which means that the owner must put the building back into its original condition. Failure to comply with an Enforcement Notice can lead to a fine of up to 20,000 in the Magistrates Court or an unlimited fine in the Crown Court.

For More Information

Please Contact Us well in advance of starting work so that we can advise you on which permissions you will need. We will send you application forms and guidance notes. In some areas - for example Bournville or the Calthorpe Estate in Edgbaston - you may also need the estate manager's permission. You should contact the estate manager directly to find out whether permission is needed and how to apply.

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Last Updated : 6th October 2013