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Edgbaston Reservoir - Environmental Education

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Environmental Education at the Reservoir

Address: Edgbaston Reservoir Ranger Service
The Lodge
115 Reservoir Road
Birmingham B16 9EE

Tel: 0121 454 1908
Email: Edgbaston.reservoir@birmingham.gov.uk

Education Naturally Activities Covered


Age Groups

Can visits to schools be arranged


Growing plants: A visit to the Reservoir to find the different plants that grow here. We will find out which plants grow in the shady areas and which grow in the light. We will make observations and drawrings of the plants. We will discover if any of the plants we see can be used as food for us.

April to October

Year 1


Must be able to split into groups of 15.

Habitats: We will explore the park finding out along the way what we mean by the terms plant and animal. We will discover the different habitats found in the park, and the different animals found in each habitat.

April to

Year 4


Maximum 30

Water: Where does the water in the Reservoir come from? Where does it go? Can we drink it? How does it move from one place to another? Find out with lots of hand on activities.

April to October

Key stage 1 & 2


Maximum 30

Patterns in nature: We will collect natural resources from around the park and create and record patterns.

April to October

Years 2, 3,4


Maximum 30

Life Cycles: We will explore the park looking for fruits and seeds. We will investigate why fruits are important to plants? We will look at different fruits to see what is inside. We will look at different seeds and investigate why they are different shapes. Could it be to do with how they are dispersed?

September to January

Year 5


Maximum 30

Making a Booking

Sessions take place outdoors and are normally quite active, there is plenty of walking and hands on work which serves to enrich the experience.

Our activities help with Key Skill and PHSE development and are designed around National Curriculum QCA units but can be tailored to meet any of your requirements.

We also look at sustainable development issues and include this subject in most of our sessions.

We aim to ensure that every child that visits us feels they have been included and allowed to achieve and that their
achievements have been recognised and praised.

We expect a certain standard of behaviour from all visitors to our sites and and ask you to have read our site visit guidlines before you make a booking with us. Please remember you will remain responsible for the behaviour of your group at all times.

On booking you will also be provide with guidelines for:
: Adult / child ratios
: What to wear
: Wet weather contingencies.

We recommend that a member of your staff visits the site before the day of your school visit if at all possible.