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Cannon Hill Park - Activities For Schools

Examples of activities and courses offered by the Ranger Service:

Introduction to the Park

This is a general introduction to Cannon Hill Park. A Ranger will lead the walk stopping at points of interest to explain the history of the park, social use and safety, wildlife in the park and how the park is managed. This introduction can also be delivered as a slide show.

Pond dipping

A ranger will lead the group in exploring a special pond only accessible for educational work. We will look at the water cycle, life cycles, classification and pollution. The session is very hands on and there is a chance of getting wet. All dipping equipment is provided by the Rangers.

This activity is available May to Mid July and for years 3 and 4

River Studies

Using the River Rea we will study how a river forms and changes as it journeys towards the sea. We can take reading and measurements to find out how deep the water is, how fast it is flowing and the shape of the riverbed.

This activity is very hands on and there is a chance of getting wet. Wellies are essential. Available Mid April to September for years 7 and 8


How many different habitats can we find in the park? Woodland? Wetland? We can find out what plants and animals live in different habitats, and how humans effect them. Available May to Mid July for years 3,4,5,6,7 and 8


This is a very cross curricular subject with lots of scope to explore the wonderful variety of trees found in Cannon Hill Park. Find out how a tree works, how to recognise different trees, hear stories or make up your own. Available Mid May to Mid July for years 1,2,7 and 8

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