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Busking and other Street Entertainment in Birmingham City Centre

Proposed new regulations around busking and street entertainment are out for public consultation. You can find them on this page, please take a look and tell us what you think.
Busking does not require a licence or pre-booking. Please be aware of your surroundings and the potential impact on those around you when performing.
Everyone is welcome to perform on public land in the City Centre, no licence is required. We would appreciate it if you could read the interim guidance letter below before you perform.

The interim guidance is still operational during this consultation period.

Public consultation - our proposed new guidance for busking and other street entertainment

Birmingham City Council has worked closely with the Musicians' Union, Equity, the Keep Streets Live campaign, buskers and local businesses on a proposal for a new system of regulation.

Our aim was to design a system that is welcoming to buskers, simple and easy to understand, and encourages fairness and consideration for others in our shared public spaces.

Please find below both the proposed new guide and a quick summary version.

Please visit our dedicated consultation website Birmingham Be Heard to let us know your thoughts on busking in Birmingham and our proposed new guidance.

What can I do if i have a problem with a busker in the city centre?

If you have a problem with a busker, then you should try to resolve it informally by talking with them and attempting to reach a fair compromise - most disputes can be resolved easily this way.

If you cannot reach agreement then you can report it to us on 0121 675 3616 during office hours or by email to: publicspaces@birmingham.gov.uk.

Busking for charity

Any activity on the public highway involving a collection for (or donation of proceeds to) charity requires a charity street collection permit.

These are free and available from the Charitable Street Collection Permits page.

Once you have your permit, you are free to busk for charity on any public land within the times and areas specified on your permit.