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Homeless people who have priority for housing

The Housing Department has a duty to offer accommodation to people who are homeless or faced with homelessness and fall into one of the following priority groups. In addition, the household must be eligible for assistance, unintentionally homeless, and have a local connection.

The priority categories are:
  • households with dependant children
  • pregnant with no other dependant children
  • applicants aged 16/17 years old
  • applicants who were formerly in care, aged 18-20 years old
  • currently homeless because of an emergency (fire, flood and so on)
  • vulnerable due to old age
  • vulnerable due to mental illness or learning disability
  • vulnerable due to having been in custody/on remand
  • vulnerable due to violence/threats of violence - non-domestic violence
  • vulnerable due to domestic violence
  • vulnerable due to physical disability
  • vulnerable as ex-HM Forces personnel
  • other special reason.
If you fall into one of the 'vulnerable' groups, we will need to assess as to what extent your circumstances make you vulnerable - you will not automatically be accepted as priority.

Homeless services are a 'safety net' for those in a genuine emergency. They are not an alternative to the application and transfer process which meet general housing need. You are unlikely to be accepted as homeless if, for example, you have been burgled, or are in dispute with your neighbours. If you are experiencing difficulties with your tenancy we will try to help you, but if you give up a tenancy without good reason you may be regarded as having made yourself intentionally homeless.