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Service Improvement Groups

We constantly strive to improve the services we provide. To help us do this we involve council tenants in our Service Improvement Groups, which hold regular meetings to look at specific areas.
There are three tenants' Service Improvement Groups currently running in Birmingham. Choose from the headings below to find out more about each one.

Performance Monitoring

The Performance Monitoring Service Improvement Group helps the department to understand what tenants and leaseholders think about its performance.

The group was set up by the City HLB to ensure that tenants and leaseholders have a greater say in the management of their homes and of the services they receive from Birmingham City Council.

Current PMG Members
Back left to front right – Derrick Novell, Joanne Williams,
Mike McCartan, Eric Shipton, Eddie Howard, Bridget O Brien,
June McQuaid, Joan Goodwin (Chair)

The group gets involved in monitoring performance against the Performance Improvement Plan (which is the department's formal plan to improve services) and the Tenants' Quality Promise (the department's performance promises to tenants and leaseholders, attached below). Often this involves discussing performance issues with senior managers from the department; calling in repairs contractors to account for performance issues; making decisions and recommendations to City HLB and helping to develop and improve the performance information provided.

The group also plays its part in reviewing the targets and performance indicators the department monitors.

Find out more about Service Improvement Groups.

attached document Housing Liaison Board performance report 2015/16 - 3rd quarter
attached document Housing Liaison Board performance report 2015/16 - 2nd quarter
attached document Housing Liaison Board performance report 2015/16 - 1st quarter
attached document Annual Report to Tenants 2014-15

PMG Awards for council housing good practice 2015

Birmingham council tenants recognised Birmingham City Council staff and contractors who have given excellent service at a special awards ceremony on Thursday 15 October 2015.

The Performance Monitoring Group (PMG), which is made up of tenants from the City Housing Liaison Board, held the awards ceremony at the Council House to recognise and celebrate the work of excellent contractors, local teams and heads of service who work for the City Council.

The PMG scrutinises service performance and made their decision based on which services performed well, met or exceeded targets for 2014/15.

For the full story see - birminghamnewsroom.com/awards-for-council-housing-good-practice-in-birmingham/

PMG Awards ceremony
Joan Goodwin - Chair of PMG with Tracy Radford - Service Integration Head
Resident involvement service standards leaflet
Joan Goodwin - Chair of PMG with Karen Markall and Javender Singh from the Tenancy Management Team
Resident involvement service standards leaflet
Joan Goodwin - Chair of PMG with Rob James - Service Director Housing Transformation
Resident involvement service standards leaflet
Rob James - Service Director Housing Transformation with Steve Dallaway - Senior Service Manager - Investment and Regeneration


Leaseholders are people who own a former council flat or maisonette but whose freeholds are owned by the council.

Because they have different concerns to council tenants, and because there are far fewer of them than council tenants, the Leaseholders Liaison Board (LLB) was set up.

The LLB looks at issues that particularly affect leaseholders (such as service charges). There are up to 20 places for leaseholder members, a maximum of 2 for each Constituency, who are recruited to fill vacancies as they occur. If you are a residential leaseholder of Birmingham City Council and are interested in joining the Leasehold Liaison Board please read the attached documents and contact Leasehold Services to discuss this further.

The Leasehold Team
Postal Address Mole Street
B11 1XA
Email Address
Telephone Telephone Number: 0121 303 2147 / 2148

Sheltered Housing

There are four District Sheltered Housing Liaison Boards (SHLBs) across the city and one City SHLB.

The district boards are made up of tenants who live in sheltered and extra care housing schemes across the city. They meet regularly throughout the year - normally every 6 - 8 weeks.

The City SHLB meets two or three times a year. It has 16 members - two representatives from each district SHLB. The representatives on City SHLB elect a Chair, Vice-Chair and City HLB representative.

The SHLBs meet to discuss and debate policies and procedures relating to sheltered housing, including the monitoring of key performance indicators. One of their main activities at the moment is ensuring that the service meets the standards set by the Supporting People framework. They are also involved in the evaluation of the maintenance of social alarm equipment, which is monitored by Birmingham Careline.

To become a member, contact your local scheme manager or phone Services for Older People on 0121 303 3637. You can also write to them at Services for Older People, Birmingham City Council, Level 1, 1 Lancaster Circus, Birmingham, B2 2RP.