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School Travel Plans - how a school can create one

What should be included within a School Travel Plan

Essentially the plan is a statement of problems which need to be addressed and a plan for overcoming or reducing them by a number of measures and initiatives which make the journeys to and from school safer and healthier. The initiatives will often include road safety training in the form of pedestrian and cycle training, better facilities for pedestrians, enhanced public transport services, and safety improvements to the physical environment.

However, the School Travel Plan Advisor will advise and suggest suitable measures to go into the plan and will guide the school in the right direction when writing it.

Grant Funding

School Travel Plan Grants are part of a package of support totalling 0 million for schools in England. Each school in England with a School Travel Plan can qualify for ,750 plus per pupil if they are a primary and ,000 plus per pupil if they are a secondary school.

With the grant funding, a school can purchase a range of measures to support the travel plan. It can be in the form of storage facilities such as cycle storage and lockers or be spent on engineering works within the school grounds such as:-

  • new or wider pathways for pedestrians and cyclists into school grounds
  • improved lighting, CCTV, pedestrian waiting shelters
  • bus turning circles with the school grounds
  • traffic calming on school access roads
  • remote control entry system for a pedestrian gate
  • re-siting fencing to aid pedestrian movements.

Travel Survey

The pupil travel survey is a key part of the school travel plan. Some of this data can be collected through the school census. Data on how children travel to school can be collected in the school management information system and reported in the January census. This will allow the linking of home postcode to mode of travel, thus allowing geographic and socio-demographic analysis of the data returned. Attached is an example of a map plot that can be produced using the mode of travel data, and all schools that complete the school travel information for the January census will receive an A3 copy for their school.

There are reports available to download which check the method of travel you have already recorded or a class group report which can be used to collect the data from pupils and then enter it into CMIS. These reports can be downloaded from: http://services.bgfl.org/services/itcmis/census_reports.htm

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