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Environment Agency Flood Warning Services

Flood warnings are issued by the Environment Agency (EA) from the Area Incident Room in Fradley, Lichfield. There are four stages to this Flood Warning Service, detailed below.

Although Birmingham, at an altitude of roughly 500 feet above sea level is not the first place you would expect to suffer from flooding they do occasionally occur. Historically flooding has tended to occur in the flood plains of rivers and brooks but increasingly rapid run off of severe rain fall from saturated land is a problem.

Even if you don't live in an area where you think flooding may occur it is wise to think ahead and make preparations before you are in a flooding situation - and essential if you do live in such an area. It is worth storing valuables, sentimental items and important documents upstairs or well above expected flood levels. A flood kit is worth making in advance, including key personal documents such as your insurance policy and the phone number, emergency contact numbers, a torch with spare batteries, a battery operated or wind-up radio, a mobile phone, rubber gloves, wellington boots, waterproof clothing, a first aid kit and blankets. Think about sandbags and other flood defence products and make purchases as necessary and make sure you know where to turn off your gas, electricity and water.

Flood Warning Stages

Flood Alert - Flooding is possible. Be prepared.
Flood Warning - Flooding is expected. Immediate action required.
Severe Flood Warning- Severe flooding. Danger to life.

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