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The European Funding Team

Roles and Responsibilities

The European Funding Team's work is currently focused on the negotiations for the 2007-2013 EU budget and on seeking to influence the shape of the new funding programmes.

The team has been instrumental in gaining European Funds for the benefit of the city and its citizens over a number of years. The support we have provided during the latest 2000-2006 programme has enabled our division, as well as colleagues in other departments, to access funds totalling over 0 million.

A major addition to the team's work has been the securing of a contract worth 00,000 to run all the transnational elements of the Birmingham and Solihull LSC's projects under EQUAL 2. This has provided funding for 3 additional officers who have been recruited to deliver the programme.

We continue to work transnationally with partners from across Europe to support study visits, work with young people and with businesses to gain understanding and insight into new ways to achieve economic development and community cohesion.


Patrick Willcocks: Lead Officer European Funding

  • Provides advice and guidance to BCC and external partners on all matters relating to EU funding and policy.

  • Leads for Birmingham at regional, national and European level on matters relating to EU funding and policy.

  • Oversees transnational project development and management
  • Manages 3 funding officers and oversees the EQUAL 2 project team.

Lloyd Broad: Senior European Funding Officer, Stuart Daniels: European Funding Officer and Tara May: European Funding Officer.

  • Use specialist knowledge of European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), European Social Fund (ESF), and transnational funding programmes to identify funding opportunities for BCC and partners.
  • Advise project applicants and partnerships and monitor progress.
  • (Lloyd) Manage the EQUAL 2 project and project team, attends and hosts transnational visits; inputs into EU policy on ESF and trans nationality.

Martina Hooper, Heather Law and Keely Rogers: Equal 2 Project Officers.

  • Support all aspects for the delivery of the transnational work, including use of specialist language skills. (Martina and Heather)
  • Undertakes all financial recording, monitoring and reporting. (Keely)