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Religion and Belief Equality

Faith Mapping Project

ICT Lead Officer John McAdam

Birmingham City Council is working on a major project to map and record all the activities being undertaken by people of faith, whether it is led by a faith community (such as a church, mosque, synagogue, etc), by an organisation or project (such as a youth group) run by people from a faith community, or by an organisation or project run by people from several faith communities.

The aim is to publish a website that show's the contribution of faith groups to life and community cohesion in the City of Birmingham as well providing an interactive guide that allows citizens of, and visitors to, Birmingham to locate relevant faith resources and facilities.

John McAdam, ICT Solutions Lead for Faith and Community Engagement is spearheading the project and details of the website launch will be posted here closer to the launch date.

Religion and Belief Equality Scheme

Birmingham City Council has embarked on a major programme to mainstream equality. The organisation aims to be at the leading edge of thinking and practice in work on equality. The Equality and Diversity Division of the City Council was formed in 2004 with the aim of developing a more holistic approach to tackling inequalities based on faith, race, gender, sexuality, age and disability.

At the core of the City Council approach to equality are the objectives of consolidating good and excellent practice, progressing equality, recognising the diversity of all of Birmingham communities and enabling staff of the organisation to become more sensitive to the needs of those communities.

The City Council will continue to work towards the following:

Supporting the vision for Birmingham outlined above

Mainstreaming religion and belief equality within the City Council service areas

Prioritising community cohesion, as expressed through the Community Cohesion Strategy

Developing and extending our consultation and engagement with the community, partners and stakeholders

Ensuring that Equality Impact Needs Assessments have meaning and impact from a faith equality perspective

Taking a joined up perspective to equality - linking religion and belief equality actions to the other five priority equality strands: age, race, gender (including trans-gender), sexual orientation, and disability.

The Religion and Belief Scheme will be replaced by the Single Equality Framework later on this year.

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