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Disability Equality Scheme Pictorial

What is a Disability Equality Scheme?

The Disability Equality Scheme tells you what Birmingham City Council will do to make sure disabled people have the same chances as everyone else. The Scheme has a three year Action Plan (1st April 2007 - 31st March 2010) - an outline of key areas against which Directorates will identify targets following the consultation processes, is included within the scheme.

Why are we producing a Disability Equality Scheme?

The Law called the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 required us to produce a scheme.

What are the main aims of the Scheme?

* To show how we involved disabled people in putting together the Disability Equality Scheme

* To help the Council think about what is important to disabled people

* To set out the key steps that Birmingham City Council will take to promote disability equality

Birmingham City Council will aim to:

* develop services to meet disabled people's needs
* ensure that equal opportunity is given to every one
* ensure disabled people are not bullied because of their disability
* make it easier for disabled people to live, work and visit the City.
This means that access to the city must be made better

Nine Key Areas

There are nine key areas in the three year Action Plan:

* Involvement
* Information
* Care Services
* Accessible Housing
* Education
* Employment
* Transportation
* Access to the environment
* Involvement in community activities

The Disability Equality Scheme is due to be replaced with a framework document later this year.