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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk



Working in Partnership with West Midlands Fire Service

The Environmental Health section works in partnership with the West Midlands Fire Service to:

  • demonstrate alternatives to burning waste,
  • raise awareness about the requirement for traders to have a proper waste collection service
  • explain the demands upon the Fire Service as a result of needless rubbish fires
  • raise awareness about enforcement powers held by the local authority to take legal action
  • describe waste collection services provided by the local authority
  • explain why there is a need to remove rubbish regularly to help firefighters tackle arson

While firefighters are putting out rubbish fires they are not available for real emergencies. By having rubbish collected regularly you are helping firefighters fight arson. In Birmingham firefighters are called out ten times a day to fight needless rubbish fires. By working in partnership we can reduce rubbish fires and ensure that waste is disposed of properly in the city.

To contact the fire service, visit http://www.wmfs.net/

For information on fire safety, visit http://www.communities.gov.uk/fire/firesafety/prevention/