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Evaluating the case for eviction

There will be circumstances where it is not possible for an unauthorised encampment to be allowed to remain and prompt action will be required. Examples include problems of crime and disorder associated with the site; damage, tipping or littering; camping on unsuitable sites, such as school playing fields or private car parks, which deny amenities to local residents or which cause highway hazards. At the same time the police will need to consider enforcement action in respect of any instances of lawbreaking associated with the encampment.

The criteria by which the local authority will judge whether an unauthorised encampment should be moved without delay have been agreed with the police. Where possible then the reason(s) for directing campers to move should be clearly communicated. Criteria for making a decision will always be applied consistently and recorded accurately. In the absence of specific welfare needs, the following may be considered:
  • the nature, suitability or obtrusiveness of the encampment.
  • the size of the group, their behaviour and the level of nuisance.
  • the number, validity and seriousness of complaints.